Saisonal Recommendation

Enjoy the see


Small rosemary spit with shrimps
served with olive chutney,

saffron majonaise and eggplant crostini
Euro 12,50       

Tomato cream
according to Andalusian recipe, refined with fine fish cubes,
fragrant herbs and mussels, with cold-pressed olive oil and a dash of fresh lime,
accompanied by crispy garlic crostini

Euro 8,90
Gladly also as main course
Euro 16,90

Main course

Pike-perch fillet
Crispy on the skin, served with red cabbage curdum cream
and tourned butter potatoes
Euro 19,80

Wine recommendation: Salice Salentino, red wine, Italy, dry, 0,25 Liter
Euro 6,90

Wils salmon fillet
Baked in herbal walnut crust, tagliarinie, panned in young leaf spinach
and dried tomatoes, and white truffle jus

Euro 22,90

Wine recommendation: Villa Bürklin, white wine, dry, 0,25 Liter
Euro 6,90

Fried fillet of the dorade with a veal sauce, a warm vinaigrette of could pressed olive oil,
tomato and shallot cubes, stuffed rocket cheese gnocchi

Euro 18,90

Wine recommendation:MüllerThurgau Meimberg, dry, 0,2 Liter
Euro 6,90


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